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26th-Nov-2007 11:22 pm - Oh noes, werewolf time!
Who: Alice, Bella, Jacob, eventually Edward and maybe more
What: Encounter with Jacob
Where: Neutral territory
When: July 11th
Status: Incomplete

{ooc; I hope this sounds alright. Bella-mun & Jacob-mun, if you want me to change anything just let me know. =3 }
13th-Nov-2007 07:48 pm(no subject)
Who: Jacob Black...
What: Running away...
Where: Wilderness... an as yet unkown location.
When: Morning of July 10th
Status: Closed. Continues in the Encounter Post.
(OOC: Hope this is okay, I don't wanna step on anyone's tosies!)

Its_the_feel_of_the_gentle_breeze_on_his_fur_that_alerts_him_about_the_change_in_the_airCollapse )
26th-Oct-2007 01:33 pm - The Hunt
Who: The Cullen Family & Bella
What: Hunting Trip
Where: Goat Rocks Wilderness
When: July 8th
Status: Incomplete

<lj-cut text="Somewhere, a predator had caught up with its prey">Somewhere, a predator had caught up with its prey; Jasper could sense the chase coming to an end. Both of the creatures' beating hearts were more than audible, despite the fact that they were out of sight. Placing his hand on the small of Alice's back, he gave her a small smile before glancing surreptitiously at Bella. Edward was worried for good reason: even well-fed, Bella could end up in danger thanks to her seemingly bad luck.
"So, everybody up for some fun?" he asked with a grin."
21st-Oct-2007 02:37 pm - Time To Beg
Who: Edward & Bella
What: Edward tries to gain forgiveness.
Where: Bella's Kitchen/Bedroom
When: July 7th
Status: Complete

He knew from Alice's thoughts that she was still very angry with him...Collapse )
14th-Oct-2007 10:55 am(no subject)
Who: Emmett and Rosalie.
What: Emmett comforts Rosalie after she talks to Alice.
Where: Rosalie and Emmett's room.
When: July 7th.
Status: Incomplete.

[ooc: The Bella thread is next, don't worry!  I had to this one first, timewise.]
13th-Oct-2007 10:53 pm - Confrontation
Who: Alice & Rosalie
What: Alice confronts Rosalie about her inability to accept Bella's impending doom choice
Where: Rosalie's room
When: July 7th
Status: Complete

13th-Oct-2007 10:48 am(no subject)

Who: Jasper & OTA
What: Jasper decides to take a break from all the stress in the Cullen house.
Where: The woods surrounding the Cullen house.
When: July 7th
Status: Incomplete

As always, Edward and Rosalie were fighting. It was nothing new; those two tended to contradict each other on an almost daily basis. But today, the ensuing emotions were affecting Jasper more than normal. Perhaps it was the mixture of everyday stress and tension combined with Bella's impending turning, not to mention the wedding.
But Alice was happy, as she almost always was, so Jasper wasn't overly taxed by all the negative emotions. Even so, he'd wandered (or ran, depending on how human you were) to the woods used to conceal the Cullens' house. The only emotions to bother him here came from simple animals, so they were easily ignored, letting him mull over his own experience as a newborn.

(Sorry, guys, I don't know how to do an LJ cut.)

13th-Oct-2007 12:39 am(no subject)
Who: Alice & Bella
What: Bella is pissed off at Edward, and goes to talk to Alice
Where: Driveway, and eventually Bella's house
When: July 7th
Status: Complete (I think)

11th-Oct-2007 08:31 pm(no subject)
Who: Rosalie and OTA
What: Rosalie's stressed out and takes it out on her wrench.
Where: The garage/the Cullen house
When: July 7th
Status: Complete

Her hands were covered in oilCollapse )

I'm still working on a more concrete plot for Rose, but I figured I'd start a thread so I can get more used to playing her and such. :)
7th-Oct-2007 10:44 pm - Unseen Problem
Who: Edward, Bella and OTA if they want to 'phone in'.
What: Edward begins to stress about the new problem.
Where: Bella's room
When: July 4th
Status: Complete

The time on his phone read '4:25am'. The world was still asleep...Collapse )
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