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5th-Oct-2007 11:45 pm - RP: Unnerving Vision
Who: Alice & OTA
What: Alice receives an unsettling vision.
Where: Alice's room
When: July 4th
Status: Complete

...suddenly, the room around her disappeared...Collapse )
3rd-Oct-2007 10:48 am - RP: Date Night
Who: Bella and Edward
What: Date night
Where: Bella's bedroom, then not sure where
When: 3 July
Status: Incomplete

Bella slipped a small earring into her ear and turned to look at herself in the mirrorCollapse )
24th-Sep-2007 12:04 pm(no subject)
Who: Bella and Edward
Where: Bella's room
What: Stuff ...
When: 24th June
Status: Incomplete

Bella lay on her bed, her head where her feet should beCollapse )
21st-Sep-2007 11:13 am - Finding The Words To Say
Who: Edward & OTA
What: Edward is trying to write his vows.
Where: The lounge room, Cullen's House.
When: June 16th
Status: Complete

He didn't want to make people gag...Collapse )
17th-Sep-2007 10:59 pm - Second Thoughts
Who: Edward & OTA
What: Struggling with his thoughts
Where: Edward's room, The Cullen's House.
When: June 15th
Status: Complete

He felt it creeping into his mind, and he hated himself for it.Collapse )
16th-Sep-2007 02:15 am(no subject)
Who: Alice & OTA
What: going over wedding plans and thinking
Where: Cullen House, in the living room
When: June 15th
Status: Complete

Though she was content with the task at hand, her mind kept on wandering...Collapse )
15th-Sep-2007 09:52 am(no subject)
Black Side
Who: Charlie Swan, Bella Swan & Edward Cullen
What: Telling Charlie about the engagement
Where: Swan Residence
When: June 15th
Status: Complete

Bella sat frozen in the passenger seat of Edward's car, staring at her house.Collapse )
14th-Sep-2007 09:17 am(no subject)
<Misc> Daisy Chain
Could everyone please join bebe_ooc, the community for all out of character interaction. Whether you want to announce you're going on hiatus, or you want to discuss a plot-line, that's where you go.

And if you want to add either community to your personal journal, email me or comment here so that I know who you are and don't automatically delete you. Thanks all!
7th-Sep-2007 08:52 am - MOD POST!!!
Welcome everyone! I hope you all enjoy playing very much.

Just so everyone knows our Alice (whos name is Alice) is going to be in hospital for a while. She said she should be back before gameplay starts.

We now have PLOT! Courtesy of a conversation Rose (Edward) and myself had. Basically, JUST before the wedding, the Volturi create a very elaborate plan that Alice can't see (we haven't quite worked that part out yet, but we'll get there) and they take Bella, because they want to change her themselves to find out what her power is. Which makes Edward absolutely frantic, of course.

Tell us what you think, please. And if anyone has anything to add, that's awesome too.

Okay. So, game play starts on the 15th of this month. We're going to start off with Edward and Bella telling Charlie they're engaged, but that doesn't mean that that has to be the only post. Alice and Jasper can play whatever they want. And everyone is over 18, so it can get as smutty as you want :D

One game week is going to be one real month, and game time starts June 15th.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope there won't be any more admin posts like this (they bore me). And please, advertise anywhere you want! We have another whole week before game starts, and we'd all love more characters to play with!
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